Did you know that Casement windows are the most popular style in the UK, with the majority of home owners choosing this versatile option?

Ask your installer to recommend what type of Casement window would best complement your home. A Casement window is distinguished by the opening part of the window opening OUTWARDS. We have described some common styles of Casement window below which you may hear mentioned when you talk to your chosen Installer Scheme Member.

Top Light
Hinges run across the top of the sash (opening part of the window) and a small window at the top opens outwards, leaving a fixed pane of glass below - this is known as a Top Light.

Side Hung

If the window hinges run vertically down the side so the full sash opens from one side this is known as a Side Hung Casement.

Top Hung

Similar to a Top Light but with the entire sash opening outwards - this is known as a Top Hung Casement window.


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