Vertical Slider

Our Vertical Slider system combines classic style with modern benefits.

Vertical Sliders perfectly complement period properties, but beneath the surface they have been brought bang-up-to-date with the kind of advanced technology that The VEKA UK Group is renowned for worldwide. 

A Vertical Slider or Sash Window features 2 sashes which slide past each other and also tilt inwards for ventilation.

Sash horns can be added to this popular window style for a more traditional appearance and are available in either clip in or run-through options, your installer will be able to help you choose what will best complement your property.

Don’t forget that whilst Vertical Sliders are commonly associated with period properties, they also look great on newer homes – adding a touch of class and allowing your individuality to shine through. They also look especially well in coloured foils such as cream or chartwell green for that authentic, traditional look.

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Vertical Slider